Long-term Care Facilities: Services, Successes, and Failures
Good Shepherd Care Home Llc is one of the reliable adult day care homes in Cherokee County, Georgia. It is clear that the adult day care services started as a social model but later improved into developed medical model. It is because initially, they aimed at providing a social environment for the elderly persons to feel loved and wanted in the society. With time, they were able to advance to incorporate more medical models useful in promoting adult care services and programs.
I agree that the adult day care programs fill the gap between the institutional and non-institutional care programs. The adult day care provides an optimum environment for the elderly to interact with the friends and relatives in community settings. The institutional care lacks social interactions and has stricter rules on the movement of the elderly persons (Rosen et al., 2016). Thus, the adult care programs came as a hybrid of the institutional and non-institutional care programs.
A large group of the population receiving care in the adult day care programs are 65years and above. It is because they are dependent on their family members to do most of the things. In most occasions, it might be costly and difficult for working children to take care of them. Also, they are prone to frequent illnesses due to weak immune systems in their bodies (House & Donna, 2015). I believe that the accommodating of patients with more medical problems has affected the adult care programs. It has made the adult care programs more medical than social as earlier targeted. The adult care facilities are always required to hire more medical professionals, which is expensive for the facilities.
Human resources including the hiring of quality staffs have had a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness of the health care services. It is because hiring quality medical staffs is costly. The home health care has improved the quality of life for elderly consumers accepted in the facilities. For example, the home health care service can offer a more appealing and social environment to the consumers. There are few instances when a home health care is no longer useful for a senior. For example, when they have a serious medical illness, it is appropriate to take them to the hospital rather than the adult day care facilities.

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