How does student data impact the decisions you make as a teacher?
In a mathematics sensitive program, we were involved in a mathematics symposium students took part in mathematics test and their exams were marked to determine the ability to address the mathematics scenarios. After the mathematics test, we used the student’s data on symposium to develop proper mathematics test and evaluation.
In terms of the results of the events, I knew the need to take all the test data on the performance of the students on the mathematics to improve decision making process. I needed to record all the information about the test of the students towards improving the ability to design effective mathematics lessons.
In taking the effective decisions from the mathematics symposium, I understood the various steps. The first step in improving the decision making using the mathematics data and information is to perform effective plans. It is critical to perform effective plans and frameworks to promote the design of lessons (Fauth, et al 9). Secondly, it will be appropriate to using the data in choosing the best teaching options. It will involve performing a comprehensive analysis on the abilities of the students. After evaluating the data collected and alternative teaching strategies, it will be critical to decide the useful approaches to address challenges facing the mathematics lesson.
As I was able to identify the challenges in mathematics lesson, more students were able to love and understand mathematics with my new teaching styles. In the last six months, I have noted that the grade of mathematics in my class has improved by 20%. It is a huge improvement compared with the previous results in mathematics. It shows the need to use student data in making decisions on the best teaching approaches.

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